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Jr. Bobcats 4-H

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4-H Motto

"To Make the Best Better"

 4-H Colors

Green and White

White symbolizes purity and high ideals.

Green, nature's most prominent color, symbolizes springtime, life and youth.



 The Jr. Bobcats 4-H Club at Nan Gray Davis is a collaborative, hands on program.  Students gather to meet and work together as they learn, while creating, by participating in hands on activities.  Members have the opportunity, and are encouraged to make decisions themselves, think critically, build relationships, practice leadership, and develop concern for their community, as well as their world. 


Students are eligible to become a part of 4- H while in the fourth grade (when they are nine years old).  This program is open to any fourth and fifth grade student that expresses interest.  Officers are elected at the beginning of the year by majority vote (ballots).  These officers step into the leadership roles and conduct very short meetings themselves before beginning planned activities.


 We are very proud to have 4-H at Nan Gray Davis and hope to continue on with new faces in the years to come.


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